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We welcome you to the site of the transport company "Alpha Logistics." If this is your first visit to our online resource and you did not hear about us and do not know anything, we'll be happy to give you all necessary information. You can meet with our company at this site. We hope that the range of services and working style of the company will be interesting for you and our acquaintance become to a mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation.

Transport company "Alpha Logistics" engaged in cargo transportation worldwide in 1998. Through a variety of cargo transportation, our company provides a full range of services in transport, customs and warehousing at the professional level.

Through the establishment of the company’s working process you can get full transparency of transportation: our employees provide the necessary information on the whereabouts of cargo in each section along the line. Our team carries out cargo transportation by all modes of transport, the choice of shipment mode depends on many factors. Extensive experience and expertise of our specialists, long-term contracts for bigger companies around the world, our share in the construction of storage facilities, can significantly reduce the cost of transportation of cargo, thus allowing us to offer competitive prices for customers.

We are well aware how important the timely delivery of cargo to the destination in compliance with safe and without any damage. Therefore, a highly professional service organization - is a necessary condition for successful implementation of these tasks. Our team has excellent knowledge in the field of transport logistics and always successfully apply them in practice. For many years we successfully implement a complex transportation projects, not only typical but also a variety of oversized cargo.

The company "Alpha Logistics" is not dealing with just transportation of goods from one point to another, we do much more! Our company provides complete support for the strategic management of the entire supply chain. This ensures that our clients can use us as a very effective tool in enhancing their competitiveness.

We have individual approach to each client, taking into account the interests of everyone. If you appreciate the quality, reliability and a true professional, please contact us.

"Alpha Logistics" - a reliable partner for the serious business!