The company "Alpha Logistics" at a professional level provides Outsourcing (Foreign Economic Affairs).

Outsourcing of foreign economic activity - is the transfer of specific business functions and business processes in the sphere of foreign trade of another company engaged in issues on a professional level.

The decisive factor for the transmission of Outsourcing - is the need to reduce costs, freeing up the material and administrative resources to perform the core functions of the company profile.

Today Outsourcing is in demand by companies whose activities are in any way connected with foreign economies. It is used in the field of foreign purchases or export sales. Particularly pronounced effect of Outsourcing in a highly competitive or emerging markets.

Our mission - to assist Russian traders in the highly effective business cooperation with various foreign partners. Our clients - small and medium businesses that have successfully engaged in wholesale or retail sale of imported goods, as well as use in the production of foreign materials.

Through Outsourcing, we provide the following services:

  • Search for import partners / suppliers;
  • definition of the terms of the contract and its signing
  • logistics schemes development
  • minimize expenditures
  • delivery processes control
  • obtaining various permits assistance;
  • customs procedures;
  • legal assistance;
  • cargo insurance.

You will find the legal purity of all customs procedures and foreign trade in co-operation with us. Providing services to traders, we can help you make the right decision about the desirability and feasibility of purchasing any goods, as well as on its competitiveness in the markets of different countries. In addition, we are professional to advise you on interesting aspects of the customs laws, the specifics and registration of foreign trade transactions.

You can forget about unnecessary problems and concentrate on their main line of activity with us. We are interested in your success and increased profits for your company. Experienced professionals working in the "Alpha Logistics" in a professional manner successfully solve the most complex tasks.